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Car finance for the discerning buyer : personal and business finance


At Outside The Box Car Finance we specialise in car finance for discerning clients purchasing quality sports and prestige cars.


It may be an Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche or any of the quality marques. Classic cars are also catered for.


We deliver a personal and professional one-to-one dedicated service for all our clients.


Our service is second to none and we will ensure you remember us for the right reasons when you decide to next upgrade your vehicle. Our business is built on service, competitive finance rates, reputation and referral.


We do not have the hassle of an online application and quite simply ask that you send an email to smithotb@btinternet.com providing your contact details and a convenient time for us to contact you. Alternatively, please telephone us on 01235 868914.


We will handle the paperwork and application form, not you.


Outside The Box Car Finance are independent finance brokers with access to numerous funders who specialise in

this sector of operation and who understand the demands of discerning clients.


We will ensure that we provide a funding solution that meets your needs and requirements and will handle matters from start to finish.


Contact OTB and enjoy the journey. We look forward to hearing from you.






A few things for you to think about :-


Hire Purchase (HP) - the most straightforward form of finance. You pay a deposit followed by a series of monthly rentals. The car remains the property of the finance company until the facility is repaid.


The borrowed amount is secured on the car, so it may be easier to gain approval than for  unsecured finance. Over the lifetime of the agreement, HP is usually cheaper than Personal Contract Purchase (PCP).


The pitfalls - the finance company can repossess the car if you hit financial trouble. Monthly repayments may be higher than a PCP but depends on the level of "balloon" that has been built into the HP agreement. A balloon payment is a percentage of the cars value that is deferred as a lump sum and payable at the end of the agreement.


Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) - the scheme defers a portion of the loan amount until the end of the loan term. You still pay interest on the deferred amount but monthly payments are lower. At the end of the term you can hand the car back, pay the deferred amount off or part-exchange the car using any equity towards another PCP.


PCP allows low monthly costs and thus brings a more expensive car into reach. It also gives greater flexibility at the end of the contract term. Please remember that the deferred value is set below the expected value of the car, so the equity can be used as a deposit on your next car. PCP usually costs more than HP.


Contract Hire - a form of leasing - effectively an operating lease. Leasing is a general catch-all term that includes a finance lease, lease purchase as well as contract hire. It is all getting a little technical now, so leave the technical part to us.


Contract hire isn't tending to prove as popular as PCP among private individuals and the self-employed. Monthly payments are broadly similar, but a PCP gives you greater flexibility at the end of the agreement. Also, if you need to terminate a PCP early, the penalties for doing so are lower than if ending a contract hire agreement. Contract hire can still however be beneficial over a PCP if you are a VAT registered business - we suggest you speak with your accountant to fully assess your personal situation.


Company Car Tax - you pay tax personally on a percentage of the car's list price including any extras you put on (but the Government doesn't give you any credit for any discount you negotiate). That percentage is determined by the car's carbon dioxide emissions. It pays to consider if you run your own business whether to buy the car in the business name or to buy in your personal name. Once again we suggest you speak with your accountant to fully assess your personal situation.